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In the name of Allah the most beneficent and merciful

Almighty Allah revealed “They ask you concerning Orphans. Say, the best thing
to do is what isfor their good” (AlBaqra: 220)
The Prophet (s) once said “I and the one who takes responsibility for an Orphan, whether of his
own kin or of other’s will be in paradise thus” and he pointed his fore finger and middle finger
with a slight space between them.” (Muslim)

Historical background:


Warangal city has got historical importance being capital of Kakatiya dynasty which ruled in 16th century A.D. It is situated in the heart of then A.P and Telangana state with Head Quarters of Kakatiya University and numerous institutions. At the same time the status of Muslim minority is very poor both educationally and economically. The history goes that here an Orphanage otherwise called yateem khana was existing long ago in Hanamkonda (Warangal) which is no more existing and since then the Orphans are neglected for a long period. As a result most of such boys are working as child laborers. The plight of down trodden Orphans is particularly note worthy. Therefore the need for opening an Orphanage with English medium schooling along with spiritual education is felt.
Establishment of orphanage:
Before commencement of the project a charitable trust called Ansar welfare & Educational Trust, Warangal regd-No-184/2006 was formed by well-wisher social workers and prominent persons. A detailed survey was conducted before commencing the project. Although Muslim orphan boys are generally admitted in madarsas, it was decided to open English medium high school with religious education on par with a standard corporate school so as to develop confidence in the Orphan boys and to shun the inferiority complex which will be generally found due to the background of their families and also to make them self sufficient in their life. Hence a complete plan of the project was prepared in the beginning itself. It is also aimed at alleviating the poverty and improving the financial status of the down trawden people of Muslim community in the broader perspective of the trust.  Finally the Orphanage with simultaneous schooling was opened on 27-01-2007...


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